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4 Four Tips To Consider When Installing LED Strip Lighting In Your Home

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With incandescent light bulbs being phased out, you will want to consider new lighting solutions when renovating your home. This can include CFL and LED lighting. LED lights also give you the unique option for strip lighting and custom designs. There are also some things to consider if you plan on installing new LED tape lighting. Here are some tips to help you choose the right tape lighting for your home:

1. Choosing The Type Of Tape Lighting To Use In Different Areas

You will want to choose the type of tape lighting to use for different areas of your home. There are exterior and interior grade lights. For any outdoor installations or bathrooms, kitchens and areas with moisture, you will want to use LEDs for outdoor use. Anywhere else, you will be able to use the common LED tape strips.

2. The Amount Of LEDs And Lumens In Tape Lighting Products

LED lights also have so many LEDs per meter of tape. This can be anywhere from 60 to 120 lights per meter. Some may even have more. It is important to consider that the more LEDs, the more the tape will cost, as well as use more electricity. More is not always better, so you may want to consider materials with brighter LEDs if you want more light.

3. How Much Energy Your LED Strip Lighting Will Use When Installed

LED strip lights also can use different amounts of energy. This is usually a certain amount of wattage per meter or foot of lighting. To make your home more efficient, you may want to consider installing controls for different sections of lighting. This will allow you to turn off some of the lights to save power and adjust the lighting in different rooms.

4. The Best Options For Quality Tape Lighting At The Best Prices

You may also want to consider the quality of LED tape lighting. There are many different manufacturers to choose from, which many sell the same lights. You can use materials that are a reasonable price and decent quality. In addition, make sure you use transformers from a reputable dealer, which will ensure your lights work properly.

These are some of the options you will want to consider when installing tape lighting in your home. If you need help with the design and installation of your new lighting, contact an electrician like Global Electric & Lighting Inc to do the electrical installations.